Group Hotel Berlin

Group Hotel Berlin

Whether by boat across the Havel and Spree rivers through Berlin’s government district, Brandenburg Gate or to a live event, Berlin is a magnet for people from all over the world. Berlin as a city that never sleeps, has a rich cultural offer. Especially for group travel to Berlin, this city can be a very attractive destination. But when traveling in a group, you also need a group hotel Berlin. And when it comes to a good group hotel, so there are no two opinions here, that can only be the

In the hostel or rather in the hotel room at

Whether to sleep in a shared room like in a hostel or in a hotel room? Especially for group travel, the type of accommodation often divides the minds, some would rather have their own room, others are also sufficient only a bed. At the there need not be these discussions, because there are here at this group hotel Berlin namely both. The is not a pure hotel, but also not a pure hostel, so you can choose here. You can choose here as a group between hostel rooms and hotel rooms, starting from a small single room, to a double room for two, to the large family room. This is also very suitable if you travel to with several children. There are similarly large differences at with regard to the hostel rooms. Here, too, there are variations in the number of available beds. Whether four beds in a room or ten beds, whether sleeping in a mixed room or in a separate women’s room, only for women. As you can see from these examples, you have here great choices when booking and so can be considered in a group trip, even by each participant’s wishes. So that one can relax correctly

So that one can relax correctly, for it the very good equipment provides with the rooms. The hotel rooms always have their own bathrooms, where you can relax in the bathtub. The hostel rooms also have their own bathroom, here the equipment consists of a toilet and a shower. Wi-Fi and accessories, starting from towels in the bathroom, to bed linen are a matter of course at the But the is not just a group hotel Berlin, where you can only stay overnight. The also has a bar, a freely usable barbecue area and a beer garden. Especially for group travel, these are of course good opportunities to do something directly in the

From suburban train to bus to bicycle at

If the is about transportation within Berlin or about the journey, the location is very good. The is not directly in the center, but rather on the edge of the Berlin center. This is obvious, not only because of the good view of the TV tower, but also because you can reach Alexanderplatz within 15 minutes by S-Bahn. The lines of S-Bahn and bus run here directly at the And if you want to make as a group at the Group Hotel Berlin also times an excursion with bicycles, so here the offers a bike rental.