Group Hotel Berlin

Group Hotel Berlin

The is a group hotel Berlin which is best suited for school classes, for clubs and associations or for large families looking for a suitable accommodation for their trip to Berlin. Especially the rooms in the different categories offer here enough space, even for large groups.

Dormitory for up to 10 people at

Hotels with accommodation for large groups are not so many in Berlin. A group hotel in Berlin which can do that is the The has single, family and double rooms. And if you want to sleep with several people in one room, here are the rooms in the hostel of the Here you can choose from the small hostel room with four beds to the large dormitory, which offers space for ten people. For showering or going to the toilet, each room has a bathroom with a toilet, shower or even a bathtub. The service does not differ in the rooms, so when equipping the hostel rooms here you will find bed linen and towels that you do not have to bring. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout and there is also a luggage room. This is good for the hostel guests, who do not have to take their luggage with them.

Barbecue together at the barbecue area of

If one is now times not with the group in Berlin with the exploration of objects of interest on the way, there are also in the different possibilities of the organization of the spare time. For example, you can barbecue here as a group in the garden of For this purpose there is a large barbecue area that you can use here. And if you want to have a tasty drink in the evening or make contact with other guests, the bar and the beer garden in the is a good choice.

Explore Berlin with the group from the

The journey to the is very good by public transport. So you can go here from the main station via Alexanderplatz to the S-Bahn station Springpfuhl. From there, it is only a few steps to the As easy as it is to get to the Gruppen Hotel Berlin, it is also easy to get around here in the federal capital with its many districts due to the connection. Here, in addition to the S-Bahn, also the bus is available. But you can also use a service from, in which you can rent a bike. So that you do not have to search for your destinations in Berlin, such as sights, there is a city map at the reception that you can pick up. If you come as a group with your own car, you do not have to look for a parking space in front of the There is free parking here.