Group hotel Berlin

Group hotel Berlin

Anyone who travels with a group will have had some experience quite often. Most of the nights were spent in a hostel, where the comfort was always very low. That is completely different at the Ootel, because a hostel can also offer comfortable beds. But the beds alone do not make up this house.

Small or large groups

Of course there are also smaller groups who are looking for good accommodation in Berlin. All guests have a claim, because they would like to sleep in clean and comfortable beds. This is not a problem here, with the rooms still offering a surprise. There is a bathroom in every room, which is more comfortable for a hostel than some others offer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large or small group, everyone can take a look at the rooms on the website If the decision is made, you should book as soon as possible. Because, of course, the Ootel is also quickly booked up during peak travel times, as many people want to visit this unique city. The staff is multilingual so that guests from abroad feel just as comfortable as guests from Germany. So there are no misunderstandings, and this does not only apply to the hostel. Because under this roof there is also a hotel, which is an unusual concept. So everyone can stay at the hotel, just as they want it for themselves.

A hotel offers a lot of service

This applies not only to the hotel, but also to the hostel. Because here all guests of the house should simply feel comfortable, which applies especially to the smallest guests. Children are often not very welcome in a hotel, which is very different here. Each child has their own bed and there is a playground for younger guests, where they can be louder. The house has one disadvantage, unfortunately, there is no elevator. Some guests have noticed this with astonishment, but so far all guests have come safely to their rooms. If you are not yet really tired, you can spend a little time in the in-house bar. Because those who have had a busy day can often not fall asleep directly. This is exactly what the bar is the right place to simply relieve the stress. After that, everyone is guaranteed to sleep well and then get through the new day. Business people like to use the Ootel because it is only a few minutes away from the city center. The car then stays in the parking lot and public transport is used. The bus stop is directly in front of the house, which makes it very easy to reach.

Berlin Mitte doesn’t have to be

The Gruppen Hotel Berlin is just right, so that everyone has good and affordable accommodation. It doesn’t matter whether someone stays in the hostel or in the hotel. The staff is available for guests around the clock and all year round. So there is no vacation time at the Ootel, it is open all year round. That was also important here, because there is not only the main travel season. Berlin is visited all year round, which means that the Ootel is always open. This is not just a house for groups, but families and business people are also welcome. Women can spend the night here without any problems, especially when they are out with their friends. The hostel offers these women an extra room where men have no access. Hostel guests can book breakfast separately, which is not necessary for hotel guests. Care was taken at breakfast to ensure that it is not expensive. But one thing, breakfast is guaranteed, it is plentiful and satisfies for hours. Exactly what visitors from Berlin need. Because often the days are long and then very tiring. A house that offers something for everyone.