Frühstücken im Hotel

Frühstücken im Hotel

In Berlin you can of course stay in many hotels. In addition to the location and the rooms, breakfast is also very important. A rich breakfast is important on a Berlin tour to start the day strengthened. In the Hotel you get a good breakfast with many variations for a fair price. In addition to fresh rolls and various types of bread, there are also eggs, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Sweet spreads and hearty toppings can be found here. You can also mix your own cereal here. There is of course a coffee to start the day quickly and with energy. Everything is added here until the end of breakfast. So you can also come for breakfast later and will still be full. In addition to coffee and milk, there are also fresh juices for breakfast.

The Hotel start the Berlin tour

A classic Berlin tour includes, of course, starting at the Brandenburg Gate and planning the further tour from there. From the Hotel you can quickly get to the most famous landmark of the city. From here, almost all sights are nearby. You can explore everything from here with just a short walk or individual stations on the U or S-Bahn. The Hotel is one of the best addresses for such a tour. If you have any questions, you can always contact the reception staff at the Hotel. They are experts in Berlin and can answer all your questions. You can find out how to get from A to B most easily here. The reception is open 24 hours, so I can check in later and ask your questions.

The right room in the Hotel

The Hotel offers you many different rooms. You can stay in a classic double room for 2 people or you can sleep in a group room. There are group rooms from 4 to 10 beds. So it is a great opportunity for a group traveling together to fill a room together. You can also go to a group room as a solo traveler. So you have the opportunity to get to know people quickly and easily. If you have no problem sleeping with strangers in a room, you can of course save a lot of money, since the prices are of course cheaper than if you book a double room for one person. All in all, the Hotel is an ideal starting point for a successful Berlin tour. Above all, you save money with the fair prices that you can spend elsewhere in Berlin.