Find a student room in Berlin

Find a student room in Berlin

Student rooms are scarce in the German capital Berlin. Simply unpacking your clothes eetc. and just start studying is often not possible. Affordable rooms for students do not grow on trees in Berlin.

Students look for accommodation year after year

Student rooms are more or less scarce in Berlin, as in all other German university locations. Around 195,000 students are enrolled at the numerous universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences in Berlin. The minority of students have the option of living with their parents. Most of the students, however, have to look for new accommodation year after year. And living in Berlin is not cheap.

Furnished room via portal

As a student in Berlin, you have to be a bit lucky to find a good and affordable room. The possibilities of renting a student room Berlin also exists via Through this portal, students get a very good overview of what is on offer at the moment on the Berlin real estate market. Above all, this is another good way to get a student room – either in the form of a single room or a double room. That is, it is quite possible to move into a shared student room with your girlfriend or boyfriend. And in the student accommodation you are then not alone. Because it concerns in this case a so-called student hotel, in which these rooms are offered over The rooms are not only furnished, they are also equipped with everything as you know it from a hotel. This includes a bed and wardrobe, as well as a desk and seating. But that is not all. Also in the student hotel, where the student rooms Berlin are located, great extras await the students.

Laundromat and Co.

In a student hotel, there is also for the students also a large common room and the possibility of the daily wash. These are the things that distinguish a student hotel from a normal hotel. In addition, there is also the WLAN included and the breakfast is also served to the student together with the other students as well. This is also not a breakfast as you know it from a youth hostel, but rather a breakfast buffet. Amenities such as elevator and a reading corner and a small library are also available in such a student hotel. And there is the great connection of the building to the public transport. Incidentally, this should be a criterion that should always play a major role when looking for a student room. It’s not uncommon for a student to have to take a lot of books or a laptop to class. If these utensils should also be carried crisscross through the city, then life as a student is no longer fun at all.