Family vacation in Berlin

Family vacation in Berlin

Chic hotels for the whole family at affordable prices

Berlin is known for many culture, leisure, sport and play opportunities.
But planning a vacation in Berlin with the whole family is out of the question for many, because Berlin is known for expensive accommodations. So far, families have not even considered exploring the city and surroundings with one or more children.
But for some time now there have been hotels with great facilities and very nice family rooms, which allow even those on a budget to have a great vacation.
The hotel chain has set itself the task of designing its hotels luxuriously and still keeping the price so that all people can experience a great vacation here.

The hotels for families

In the meantime, has a wide range of hotels with beautiful family rooms, for the small and large family. For example, guests can book their vacation in a hotel near the Tiergarten to explore Berlin by public transport.
The rooms are spacious and designed so that children can still find space to play in bad weather. Parents can read on the beautiful seating, talk, or just plan the next day.
Each room has a large double bed in a cozy atmosphere. Depending on the age of the children, there are loft beds in the room, which means an experience for every child.
Extra beds for small children can be ordered at reception or upon reservation.
The family room has its own bathroom with shower or bathtub, a toilet with spacious furnishings.
The hotel provides bed linen.
The mentioned seating options, a small table and bright daylight through large windows provide the necessary holiday atmosphere.
In the hotel itself, the whole family can experience a wonderful breakfast buffet for a small surcharge and so plan the day with pleasure.
The hotels are all centrally located and are easy to reach by public transport.
There is a large green area around the hotel with a barbecue area and picnic facilities. Here you can spread out the blanket and just enjoy your vacation.
In addition to these wonderful facilities and the large rooms, the chain offers its own bike rental, playroom for bad weather and the spacious lobby, should the parents have any questions at the reception. During this time, the children are in good hands in the lobby with comfortable seating.
Secure storage facilities for your own bicycles are also provided.
The staff at the reception speaks German and English, other foreign languages ​​and is happy to give tips and help with problems.
The reception is open 24 hours.
If you come from far away and only know Berlin by map, the staff will give you tips and a free city map for your first explorations.
No tour planned yet? The staff is happy to help here as well.

More offers from the hotels

In addition to the comfortable accommodation, each Ootel hotel with family rooms also offers free WiFi, a luggage room, enough parking spaces for your own car directly at the hotel, a beer garden, a bar and a market. This offers guests who arrive at the weekend the opportunity to stock up on the forgotten and necessary. Here, too, the prices are cheap and families will immediately feel at home.
On the Internet, tourists can find all the offers for hotels in various parts of Berlin, as well as booking options via WhatsApp, telephone, online, email, fax or personally on site at
If you are planning at short notice and are still looking for a hotel, you will always find an option at to get one or two rooms.
Extras should be requested when booking and reserved in advance. This saves time and effort.
Even if guests are stuck in a traffic jam, the train is delayed or other factors delay their arrival, check-in at any hotel is possible around the clock. If the delay is too great, a message can be left quickly via WhatsApp or telephone.
Payment is made on site in cash or by credit card.