Family Hostel Berlin

Family Hostel Berlin

When a family leaves, she often asks herself:

do we take a hotel or a hostel? A hostel is generally characterized by being more spartan and less expensive than a hotel, and is also suitable for larger groups (including families). A hotel, especially in Berlin, can be quite expensive to book.

Because of that, and also because of the beautiful location of Ootel, it is recommended to try out the combination of hotel / hostel within the framework of Ootel offers both: hotel and hostel!

The hostel offers very affordable family dorms for up to 8 people with a separate bathroom, shower, heating and all the necessary comforts to explore the city of Berlin for a few nights.

Great is the central location, and recommended is the stay for families with children who really want to save on accommodation. Because the holiday can bring costs.

According to the presumption, it is the case that especially families with small children or even slightly older children on holiday experience a lot and also want to save a lot. It is therefore advisable to take a nice, clean place, but the purse is gentle.

Ootel claims to be home away from home for everyone.

It offers its guests comfort with showers, private bathrooms and low-cost Wi-Fi and is available from just 9 euros. The perfect accommodation for families who want to make their earned family vacation a little cheaper.

The rooms are clean and have a good atmosphere.

A special feature: The double beds are always separable.

Ootel offers the right room for each of its clients. Sometimes there is also evening entertainment, which the guests will certainly not find to the detriment.

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