Design Hotel at the Old Müggelheim

Design Hotel at the Old Müggelheim

Our capital is a city that is always worth a visit. Especially in the current difficult times, it makes more and more sense for many people to plan a vacation in their own country. Our capital is one of the most popular destinations within Germany. If you decide to book a hotel in our capital, you have a very large selection. When choosing the right hotel, it always depends on what you expect from your vacation. For example, if you come to Berlin only for a short trip and want to see the sights, it makes sense to book a hotel directly in the city center. But if you want to stay a little longer, you can also book a hotel like the Disign Hotel am Alt-Müggelheim. Here you are not directly in the city center and can get to know our capital from another side. If you also want to look at the sights, you are still very quickly in the city from here, so you can experience both sides of our capital.

What does the Design Hotel offer?

The Design Hotel offers in addition to what a normal hotel also offers much more. You can see here already from the outside that it is a very special hotel. If you are satisfied with the location, which is not directly central of the capital, you can spend a wonderful vacation here. Besides the building, you can also see in the rooms that this is a very special hotel. For example, here you can book rooms where the bathtub is right by the bed. Overall, it is therefore a different experience than you know from the always the same hotels in the center of Berlin. Alt-Müggelheim is located in such a way that you can also reach the city center in a few minutes by car. Even if you arrive without a car, you can get to the city quickly by public transportation, so you can still see a lot of Berlin on your way into the city. The costs that arise for the train or bus are so low that you can neglect them.

What else does the hotel offer?

In addition to the room and the really good service, the hotel of course still offers a breakfast that you can choose directly when booking. If you choose a room with breakfast, you can start the day here so strengthened to explore the city. The breakfast offers everything your heart desires, so there should be something for everyone. In addition to the rolls, bread and everything you know from a hotel breakfast, you can also drink excellent coffee here. The coffee is not only offered as normal coffee, but also in special versions. So if you’re a frahling lover, you’ll totally get your money’s worth here in addition to breakfast. Even if you are in the hotel during the day, you do not have to go hungry, because there is also a hotel restaurant that can offer you a good meal at lunch and especially in the evening.

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