Cheap overnight stay in Berlin

Cheap overnight stay in Berlin

Cheap overnight stay in Berlin

You love city trips and spend your money on admissions to museums, sights or the trendy clubs of the visited city? Then you will find here tips for cheap bookings in the city, which everyone on the list for his city trips has: Berlin!

Where can you find a cheap place to stay in Berlin?

Since “cheap” means a different number for each traveler, we do not want to be here for a long time with daily updated prices from the various booking portals.

In general, we want to point out that it always makes sense, if you check the price and its included services again on the website of the hotel!

Often you will find on the hotel’s website at short notice offers including included goodies such as parking, breakfast or the known bonus maps of cities and regions.

It also makes no sense to book the Super Special Offer at the 4 * City Center Hotel if you can not or do not want the extra breakfast to pay.

These sweeping buffets like to make more than 20 euros. Also parking costs in the city center by a few euros more if they are even offered. In this way, the supposedly cheap offer can cost more quickly than originally estimated.

The well-known search engines and booking portals for hotel stays offer filter options to find the best, suitable and inexpensive hotel for the interested guest. If you book more often on one of the relevant pages, the portal remembers your preferences and will automatically put you hotels at the top of the list that suit your needs in general.

What should a hotel offer, even if it is cheap?

For most guests, there are criteria for City Hotels that should always be met. The already mentioned parking lot belongs here and over free internet we do not have to write big.

Even if cities, especially Berlin, have locations for snacks and food on every street corner, a restaurant in the hotel always makes fun. A bar with 24 hours opening hours is not wrong anyway.

In a good mood of a tour through the trendy places of the city, you might want to review the impressions during a nightcap or forgot to indulge your stomach with a lot of dancing to the hot beats. A 24-hour restaurant can provide quick and easy relief.

It also makes sense to check the cheap offer of a hotel on its transport links. The fun in the capital can quickly turn into the opposite, if you have to take a long tour of attractions, shopping temples or cult bars only laboriously by taxi in his temporary dwelling.

Inexpensive living with all comfort in the former East

Especially in the former East part of Berlin, many design-oriented hotels have established themselves with low-priced offers. The easy accessibility via suburban train and subway is just right.

Only 15 minutes to Alexanderplatz is perfect in a city of this extent. A large terrace or beer garden to catch your breath after a tour through the district first is the spice of the accommodation.

In general, the shopping and entertainment facilities in the districts east of Mitte have been expanded and improved.
Take the test and give Marzahn or Lichtenberg a chance to prove their unique charm!

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