Cheap hotel room booking
Especially in the capital Berlin, the hotel market is almost unmanageable. All the big names and budget chains are scattered all over the city, knighting for paying clients for business as well as leisure travel.

Where are cheap hotel rooms available?

Specialized price comparison sites try to make the jungle of prices transparent. Filter functions are intended to help the customer, by specifying preferences, to locate the appropriate hotel. Well-known room booking sites advertise with the favorable rates and send newsletters abound to the interested clientele.
If the room search does not require any special selection criteria, the portals will list the cheapest offers of the desired date first. This is probably the most common first contact with search engines. Location, Free Wi-Fi or Spa, parking, bar and restaurant in the house can already give a completely new ranking and the supersonic offers disappear from the search results.

What does “cheap hotel room” mean?

A city the size of Berlin advertises with many price temptations in the hotel sector. Is the room at 30 or 40 euros but really the cheapest? What exactly does it mean for the individual customer?
It makes no sense to book a room in a suburb, even if it only costs € 30, then afterwards more than € 50 to invest in various taxi rides. Restaurants in the immediate area or at the property not available? Again, the previously saved money is reduced by expensive journeys and especially the time spent in search of the next restaurant.
Parking not in the hotel? Public parking garages like to strike with over 20 euros. Not too much savings. Especially if you have to use your car during your stay and then spend your time circling around parking spaces.

Value for money for a cheap hotel room!
#Of course, everyone has to know for themselves which budget he has for his business trip or his weekend trip, but cheap, yet good and with all amenities to live in Berlin is not difficult. Whether Lichtenberg, Marzahn or Friedrichsfelde, especially the eastern districts have upgraded with cool hotels at reasonable prices. Parking spaces in front of or behind the house are more likely for the hotels here to include in the room prices of the guests or to rent extra at special rates. Lounge with bar and restaurant in 24 hours operation is not uncommon.
The connection to the public transport via subway, train and buses is excellent and in a few minutes, sometimes without major change to reach the Alexanderplatz, the Friedrichstrasse or which worth seeing part of the city always the guest just wants to visit. Whereby the old city centers of the eastern districts have their charm and invite large green areas to take a break from the big city life. Small and medium-sized businesses line up here and old historic buildings provide information about the eventful history of the city and its districts.

If the filter functions in the booking engines are used optimally, many excellent offers come out. A hotel with all the advantages for a suitable price. It is also advisable to take a look at the website of the hotel. Often you can directly find the best value for money. Maybe the price quoted is the same as in the booking platform, but it depends on the included services and bookable options!

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)