Cheap hostel in Berlin for families

Cheap hostel in Berlin for families

Cheap hostel in Berlik for families

Are you looking for a cheap hostel in the capital Berlin with your family? Then let Ootel show you the best hostels.

The in Berlin Mitte
Hostel in Berlin Mitte shows you that a hostel does not always have to be spartan.

Each room is equipped with a private bathroom. The guests’ vehicles are conveniently parked on the hotel’s guest parking lot.

There is also an e-car charging station, a bike rental, a cash machine in the house, a guest kitchen, where guests can prepare their own food and a hotel bar. Boredom is not in the hostel on.

The Kids’ Corner, the lobby with TV, a table tennis table, a kicker and a billiard table make sure of that. Everywhere in the house is the receipt of cheap soft drinks possible, for example, on the exquisite sun terrace, which it takes the guests in fine weather like once.

But meetings can also be held in the hostel. This is ensured, among other things, for all guests of the house free Wi-Fi and for those who have been traveling longer or prefer to travel with light luggage, the house has a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

There is also an hostel with similar conditions at Berlin Central Station.
The minimal hostel in Berlin Neukölln
But also in Minimaö hostel in Berlin Neukölln the guests are not too short. So she supplies the house
Of course, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the house.

For social gathering, the hostel has a communal TV lounge.

Sleeping is optional in single or double room.

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