Cheap Hostel Berlin Double Room

cheap hostel berlin double room

cheap hostel berlin double room

If you appreciate the luxury of a double room, you are in good hands in Berlin at Nevertheless, you do not have to do without the cheap hostel price. This is ideal, if you want a little luxury, but do not want to afford as much as a Berlin city center hotel with four stars can ever cost, then you are right at the hostel. It offers good comfort at a reasonable price and everything you need for a relaxed, stress-free stay.

A double room offers many advantages: You have enough space to spread out, you have more space for your things and your suitcase. A double room gives you a bit of freedom, the little extra. However, this is often associated with many additional costs compared to other rooms. Not so in the Ootel (hotel and hostel are combined in a unique way).

A double room in a well-kept style with all the amenities you need, there are already from 17 euros. This is in view of other prices in downtown Berlin really cheap, and you can also wonderfully Berlin as a city. Many very competent staff at the front desk, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, help you with the individual excursion planning, what you have in mind when you spend your time in Berlin. A very good excursion tip, which is easy to reach from the location of Ootel, is for example the Tierpark Berlin.

Here you can admire the fauna and feel completely free. The Ootel Company offers its guests many comforts: if you are not staying in your double room (only one room type offered by many), you can stay in the beautifully designed lobby. This lobby is equipped with pool billiards and a very large flat screen TV. Sometimes you can also enjoy evening entertainment at Ootel, which also appeals to the budget traveler. Ootel wants to satisfy and provide all the necessary comforts, which is easy given the choice of rooms.

Ootels double rooms are equipped with shower and toilet as standard, they also have a private bathroom. This is really nice if you are traveling a bit longer. For longer stays such as vacations or conferences, the double room at Ootel offers the right comfort. Comfortable sheets and pillows are in the room, the room is clean and above average well furnished. The staff at Ootel are always happy to help you choose the right room and strive to find the ideal room for each guest and their own individual needs.

This can be done by phone, whats app, fax, internet or even chat. What the guest needs, one tries to find out. Spacious rooms everywhere and a well-kept atmosphere in which you can really relax, are an important requirement Ootel offers its guests. Hotels in Berlin are often very expensive, Ootel would like to be an exclusive alternative, offering all guests feel-good atmosphere. Also for larger groups rooms in hotel or hostel are available, these are also appealing as appropriate equipped.

Ootel is a Berlin hotel / hostel, which meets the wishes of the guests very well. You should always keep this offer in mind when planning a trip to Berlin. Ootel is headquartered in Allee der Kosmonauten 32 in Berlin and is available for questions at any time.

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