cheap hostel berlin

cheap hostel berlin

Hostel Ootel Berlin

Here you can expect anything but a normal “hostel” you get a total package from many different areas. First, you benefit from the 24/7 accessibility and the continuous opening time. But the other advantages of this house speaks a very clear language.

Starting with the impressive bar on the fact that they have a fully functional pool table in the lobby next to a large TV set, they find very cozy spaces that are tailor made for each type of guest.

Whether you are a backpacker, business traveler or a family, these rooms will delight you. You have the possibility that you can use the free parking during your stay and your visit by the grill possibility to make a bit further comfortable for yourself and your loved ones.

Who can say that he was able to have a relaxed barbecue while on holiday, even in the hotel complex?

You will find directly in front of the hotel a way to get into the city by bus and train and still have all the necessary resources such as shopping, eating, drinking and the like in the immediate and walking distance to the hotel.

The location is unique as they are on the one hand in the middle of a huge metropolis but on the other hand are very quiet and therefore there will be no problems if you really want to relax and enjoy the evening or the day ,
The staff is very well trained and extremely friendly.

You can tell that in dealing with the guests and the processing of various special requests. A very flexible and yet structured way of working is a matter of course.

There are enough seats in the lobby to linger, work or even have interesting conversations with other guests. The furniture is very high quality and the entire furnishing line is clearly and clearly predefined what I like personally.

Furthermore, it can deal very well with stressful situations and the like.

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