Breakfast hotel near Berlin Wall Memorial, Documentation Center

Breakfast hotel near Berlin Wall Memorial, Documentation Center

Taking a vacation in Berlin today is no longer a problem. This was not always the case. For almost three decades, West Berlin and East Berlin were separated by a wall. This separation of Berlin was the result of the Second World War, the division of the city among the four victorious powers. The Soviets made East Berlin the capital of the GDR, while West Berlin belonged to the Federal Republic, whose main territory lay west of the GDR’s borders. The relationship between the two German states was always icy. This was not least due to the policies pursued in Moscow. In 1985, however, Michael Gorbachev, a very liberal-minded Kremlin leader, moved into every wall in the Kremlin, where Stalin also lived and from where he ruled until his death. In 1989, however, everything changed: all of a sudden, GDR citizens were also allowed to travel, and to go wherever they wanted. But it was a long way until then and it was not the case that all GDR citizens really wanted to stay in the East. There were numerous fatalities at the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse – a fateful street – commemorates the division of Berlin and also the deaths that occurred at the Wall.

National memorial

For many Germans, the memorial and documentation center is a symbol of division, mourning and reunification. This reunification took place in 1990 and was accomplished in an official act of state. The memorial has now become a national monument. It is a 70-meter long original section of the border fortifications, which, however, originate from other border sections. There is also an outdoor exhibition and the Chapel of Reconciliation at the Berlin Wall Memorial, as well as the Documentation Center and the Window of Remembrance and a Visitor Center. There is also an exhibition in the neighboring Nordbahnhof S-Bahn station. The Berlin Wall Memorial itself is located at the corner of Bernauer Strasse and Gartenstrasse. It was opened on November 9, 2009, exactly ten years after the fall of the Wall.

Sight ideal for transients

To make sure the memorial and its numerous observation points are on your sightseeing list, you don’t necessarily have to book a breakfast hotel in Berlin at Of course, you can also book an all-inclusive hotel. In any case, there is plenty of information on the platform and you will definitely find a hotel. Nevertheless, you can – especially if you only have a stopover in Berlin and want to visit the memorial and the documentation center with observation tower and then travel on again the next day, specifically enter the immediate vicinity of Bernauer Strasse as a destination on and thus specifically search for a breakfast hotel. Reason for it is that you will have visited presumably after the inspection of the memorial place and the other ones belonging to the plant within some hours quite. And maybe you still have tickets for a theater performance and already booked a table in one of the numerous restaurants. In this case, booking a room in a breakfast hotel is ideal. By the way, the memorial is also one of the stops of the numerous sightseeing buses that pass through Berlin day after day.