Bestes Hotel Berlin Zentrum Das beste Hotel in Berlin im Zentrum

Bestes Hotel Berlin Zentrum Das beste Hotel in Berlin im Zentrum

In search of the best deal for a hotel in central Berlin, adventurous things can happen. Everyone who has thought about it knows this well. Expensive, more expensive, more expensive, most expensive. The big names among the hotel chains can cost the center of Berlin quite a bit and compensate accordingly. Fortunately, there is an alternative for those people who do not have such a large wallet or do not want to spend so much. Ootel offers something for every taste and every stock exchange. And this from a price of just 9 euros! Can you believe that? A complete stay (bed in a dormitory and accommodation) for an incredible 9 euros. This is an unrivaled offer that definitely deserves attention. Ootel is a well-known provider that has made a name for itself with its low prices and excellent quality. With you are always right during your stay and benefit from the super low prices.

In every situation – whether single or large family offers the right solution for everyone if you want to stay overnight. Ootel offers a wide variety of room types, which can hardly be more different. For example, there is a bed in a dormitory for 6 people (women) with a private bathroom. The focus is on absolute safety and comfort. Women in particular appreciate having a safe and calm environment when sleeping. This fact is taken into account absolutely at Ootel. When you come to Ootel as a solo traveler, you not only benefit from a safe, clean and beautiful dormitory. You can also book a single room. That is the beauty of You can provide for every need. Large families up to 8 people can also live comfortably in a multi-bed room, in the center of Berlin. Without, of course, the nonsensical factor: paying too much.

Comfort and nice location

It takes fifteen minutes to the absolute heart of Berlin and Alexanderplatz. And such low prices, you won’t find them anywhere else. Ootel offers its guests a 24/7 reception, also for comfortable check-in if you should come at night. There is also a nice and really well-equipped bar if you want to refresh yourself with non-alcoholic drinks or if you want to treat yourself to a “nightcap” or “sundowner” after a long exploration trip in Berlin. All of this is possible. Bicycles can also be borrowed. There is also a large flat screen TV in the lobby for the active community. The location in the avenue of Kosmonauten 32 in Berlin guarantees wonderful transport connections.

The best hotel in Berlin in the center

Ootel offers its guests a high standard. In the private bathrooms there are always clean towels, toilet paper is also included. Just like the pillows on the head and the sheets. At Ootel you can always rely on being served cleanly and attractively.

Breakfast with a view of Berlin

Breakfast is important in order to feel really good for the start of the day. Ootel makes it easy for its guests: A wide selection always means that you want to stay a little longer and taste what is available. Ham, cheese, fresh fruit or muesli? Ootel has everything you need for everyday enjoyment in the morning. And at a really fair and affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else. There is also a good view of Berlin for free.

Care on arrival

A free parking lot (in-house) is available to Ootel guests. This is a service because the service philosophy counts at Ootel. The friendly and multilingual staff strive 24 hours to accommodate and fulfill guests’ wishes. Ootel is a thoroughly guest-friendly hotel and hostel alike.