Best hotel deals Berlin

Best hotel deals Berlin as the best hotel offer in Berlin

If you are looking for a good offer in Berlin, the big city, you may be in the wrong place with providers who offer no retreat, no bar in the lobby, no warm welcome, no cocktails. But if you are looking for the BEST offer in Berlin, Ootel is the right place for you. Visiting and staying at Ootel has many advantages. Ootel offers the right thing for every traveler. Dormitories or hotel rooms with additional equipment! There is something for every budget at Ootel, and you can relax and enjoy your vacation or business stay. The best care is guaranteed with Ootel. Ootel specializes in offering guests the best service and conditions, especially in a large city like Berlin.

Ootel is easy to relax and feel good

You can always relax and feel good at Ootel. Whether children or adults, whether action or rest, whether simple accommodation or wonderfully equipped hotel room. There is something in the program for every need and budget. The headquarters in Berlin invite you to enjoy and relax, but is also a hotspot in the busy city. He noticeably welcomes his guests and immediately makes it clear that it is the perfect place to come to Berlin. Ootel’s head office is in Allee der Kosmonauten 32, 12681 Berlin. A feel-good atmosphere awaits you here, where the whole family can feel good. The incredible prices for the stay start at 9 euros! Can you believe that? Yes, calmly at Ootel. Ootel would also like to accommodate its guests if they cannot or do not want to spend as much.

Advantages at

Ootel is (at its headquarters) just 15 minutes from Berlin-Alexanderplatz. There are very good transportation options such as public transportation. So you are quickly everywhere on your city trip and can accordingly prepare for exciting experiences. Shops are just a wink away. The friendly staff is happy to take care of all guests’ needs. A free barbecue is available. So if you have some grilled food with you, you are also well advised. You can park your luggage for free, which is not a matter of course. A map of the city is also included in the stay and is a matter of course for Ootel guests. You can also rent bicycles for the more adventurous and explore the city in your own charming way.

The opening times at Ootel

Ootel – and this is the absolute best – is not tied to opening hours. Thus, the guest is completely free in his designs and can always feel comfortable. This is really great because the bar and lobby as well as all public areas (including check-in) are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are waiting to be visited. So everything is always open and waiting for guests who want to eat in a price-conscious yet exclusive manner.

Ootel is the address if …

… you have a low budget for your trip and still want to be sure that you are well cared for and not just as standard. A hotel in the heart of the city is always very expensive, but Ootel offers a perfect alternative. Simply visit the website for all the benefits and information!

The room types at Ootel

For a guest who does not want to spend as much, Ootel offers rooms for families that are functional, yet beautiful and fit. You can also reserve a bed, as required.

A bed in a 6-bed dormitory for women costs around (including breakfast 20.93 euros). A double room with a private, separate bathroom costs from 30 euros. A family room with 20 square meters of space including breakfast including 50 to 70 euros. The same family room can also be booked with a private bathroom. It costs a little more here. A room for a large family including a private bathroom costs around 100 euros and includes the facilities: shower, toilet, private bath, towels, bed linen. The upper floors can only be reached via a staircase. Toilet paper and a cushion are also included.

So if you are looking for the right facility in Berlin to meet your travel needs, you are in the best of hands at Ootel. It’s just like that, you can say what you want. Ootel adapts to the needs of the guests and not as is the case with many others, the guest has to adapt. Ootel adapts completely to the wishes of the guests! And that’s how it should be in the end!