Best hostel in Berlin city
ideal location and best comfort

The Hotel-Hostel, located directly on the alley of the cosmonauts, is the ideal starting point to visit the city of Berlin dar. Where the hotel-hostel, as a cost-effective alternative may be understood. Does this offer (almost) all the amenities of a hotel. At prices that consider the extensive range of services, are virtually unbeatable.

The location of

This hotel hostel could not have been better. Located just 15 minutes from Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, it offers the advantage of arriving in the city of Berlin on the quickest route. The way to get there can be best used to use the Berlin air on a short walk. The public connection could not be better. So there are two direct connections to the city of Berlin. One via bus, the other via the almost on the doorstep tram. If you arrive by car, you have the possibility to park directly in front of the Thus, the hotel hostel has all the advantages that make it predestined to make the Berlin city trip as pleasant as possible.

The equipment of the

This leaves, as well as the location, hardly anything to be desired. So there is a lobby in this house that leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the 24-hour restaurant and a bar! Which one is only too happy to use at the end of a busy day. Furthermore, you will find here the possibility of his luggage, so you want to accommodate in a designated luggage space. Those who prefer to do so in one of the comfortable rooms also have the option of doing so. Directly on site there is also a beer garden, which is ideal for making new friends and invites you to end the day in the right, because cozy way. Not to mention the inviting BBQ area, which makes it possible to provide a cozy round culinary. For those who require it, to make the Berlin City Tour more extensive, offers to rent one of the bicycles available for a small price. Would like to enjoy a city like Berlin as extensively as possible.

The room amenities
True to the motto, the right thing for every taste, offers several accommodation options. In addition to the classic shared room, there are also single and double rooms available. Of course, all rooms have a Wifi access, which can be used for a small fee. All in all, in the hotel hostel of Ootel you will find all that is in a hotel. With the not insignificant difference that makes the stay much cheaper. The fact that the well-trained and multilingual staff is committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible makes your stay even more enjoyable.


The hotel hostel of Ooco, located directly on the avenue of cosmonauts, is a perfect solution for all visitors to Berlin. A solution for all those travelers who do not want to miss the comfort of a hotel, but without too much in the bag to have to. The popularity of the visitors proves that, with its middle ground between a hotel and a hotel, has managed to meet the needs of travelers. For a visit to a city like Berlin, this can be highly recommended.

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