Tourism and the number of visitors is increasing in the capital Berlin. It is hard to believe how many people come to the formerly divided capital each year. Last year, there were 11.3 million people from around the world. Of course, one notices this in the cityscape, in the diversity of people, in the tangle of languages ​​on the streets. And unfortunately you also notice it in the traffic. Because the streets are often overcrowded and every motorized Berliner knows the enormous difficulties in finding a parking space. A little tip for our guests: Berlin is amazingly easy to explore by bike. ^^ For these reasons, maybe a trip by bus is a good idea. Because public transport in Berlin is very numerous and mostly reliable. There is the subway, the S-Bahn, the tram and buses, you can get everywhere. A day ticket for all public transport is available for less than seven euros. For that, the city is great to discover. With us in there are always free beds. We offer multi-bed rooms from the ten-bed rooms to the three-bed rooms, single rooms and double rooms are also available in our house. The prices are small, but the service is great.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)