Berlin is always worth a trip

With more than 3 million inhabitants Berlin is one of the most famous capitals in Europe and shapes its own style. In addition to magnificent buildings, the creative and party scene is represented here. In addition, for the policy of the Bundestag in Berlin, where important votes and decisions are made. With many attractions, the city offers a lot to explore. Even if the city center of Berlin turns out to be quite extensive, many sights can be explored quite quickly and sometimes on foot. But also numerous means of transportation can be used for the sightseeing, so that, for example, a distance of ten kilometers from known places and buildings can also be visited easily in one day. In order to explore everything exactly, however, a few days should be planned. This is no problem at all, because the numerous accommodations and hotels offer sufficient accommodation. Whether a single, double or shared room is desired, the selection is quite large. In addition, numerous bars and clubs provide a lot of variety. With 24 hours of restaurants is also taken care of the physical well-being.
The most famous landmark of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, which was built in 1793 and is considered a sign of the Cold War. Moreover, it is a worldwide symbol of division in West and East Berlin and later reunification. This is a strong draw especially for tourists coming from all over the world to see this historic gate. About two kilometers further is the Victory Column, which leads to the road from 17 June. The golden figure of the pillar is a real eye-catcher. Directly adjacent is the famous Tiergarten of Berlin, where there are many opportunities for relaxation. For a short break, the visit is definitely worthwhile.

Another well-known sight of Berlin is the Alexanderplatz (Alex). This hub for public transport is one of the busiest squares in Europe. More than 300,000 people pass by here every day. Although the Alex does not look overly beautiful with its concrete surfaces, it is nevertheless a landmark of Berlin. A magnificent building represents the Berlin Cathedral, which was built in 1905. Due to the severe damage of World War II, the dome shrank to 98 meters, while previously it had a height of 116 meters. Nevertheless, the cathedral is the largest church building in Berlin. Very interesting inside is the great organ, as well as the imperial crypt with the graves of the Hohenzollern.
The government district near the Brandenburg Gate is also very interesting. The Reichstag dates back to 1894, while the Bundestag was built much later, in 1999. Particularly striking is the huge glass dome, which is accessible to visitors. An entry is also free, but it is recommended to register in advance, because the interest is very large. On request, there is also a guide. Here, politicians and members of parliament can be experienced live in their daily political work in the plenary hall.

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