How about if you find a great hostel for your next trip to Berlin, where you pay a lot less for the overnight stay with breakfast than other comparable offers? At you stay really cheap. The equipment is young and fresh, depending on the room there is a private bathroom with toilet. In rooms with more than three beds you share the room and shower plus toilet with other hostel guests. If you stay in the large bedrooms with up to ten beds with other guests, you will find showers and toilets in the floors. On a weekend trip to Berlin and inexpensive stay in Take advantage of our offers for a short trip to Berlin. For our guests we have free parking in front of the hostel. You will be amazed at what there is to experience in Berlin. A special treat is the Motocross Ranche, not far from the ootel in Berlin Marzahn. The motocross track is about 1500 meters long and 6 to 8 meters wide, with height differences of up to 15 meters. The ground consists of gravel, hard soil and sandy soil. For drivers who want to get on tricks, there are some stairs and so-called tables. The track promises one adrenaline kick after another and is for those who like speed and can react lightning fast. Hammer! Just ask us for directions. How do you like to explain how to get there quickly and easily? The Motocross Ranche does not have fixed opening hours. Arrange a training appointment or a travel appointment at (0163 – 7258210). As a guest driver you must pay a fee for driving on the route that includes insurance. There are currently 25 € per day. To watch you pay 2 €.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)