Berlin and tourism

Berlin and tourism

Berlin is a city that also lives on tourism. It is not only tourists who stay a few days in the city, but also day tourists. To an ever greater extent, especially day tourists use the offer of a motel Berlin, as it is also offered on A motel is not a hostel, not a hotel and not a pension. It is rather an accommodation for the night, where motel is a portmanteau word and consists of motor and hotel. The reason for this pun is that this type of accommodation is located near or directly on trunk roads, such as highways or national roads. These inns often with a fast food restaurant or / and a gas station on the premises have a number of parking facilities. Motels do not have access control and are not accessible through a front desk or reception area. The rooms of a motel are sporadically furnished rooms. This means – there are no luxuries in the rooms, no refrigerator, no closet and also only basic bedding.

Only for the overnight stay

While in the USA a Motel serves quite also times as transition dwelling, rooms are booked in Motels in Germany Motels only for one night mostly and serve day tourists as overnight accomodation possibility, if they do not want to drive from the trip goal such as Berlin in the evening any longer home or continue the journey to the actual vacation place. A motel Berlin is located near one of the highways that lead through the capital or one of the federal highways. A Motel Berlin is not directly in the middle of the city, but a little outside. Especially Berlin is very suitable as a location for a motel, because there are many not so heavily built-up districts on the outskirts of Berlin.


The motel is very popular and booking via is easy. The first motels in Germany were established in the early 1950s. As in the U.S., rooms in motels in Germany are usually located around a square courtyard and accessed on the outside by a corridor leading around it. Directly in front of the entrance door of the motel room is the parking lot for the motel guest’s car. In the USA, the first motels were built much earlier, at the beginning of the 20th century. The US architect Arthur Heineman is considered the inventor of motels. The first motel opened shortly before Christmas 1925 in San Luis Obispo, California.