You are looking for apartments in Berlin for short-term rent, as temporary accommodation or as a temporary accommodation for professional or private reasons. A private room is an alternative for you out of the question, a hotel would be too expensive. We offer single or shared rooms as a transitional apartment in the ootel. As long as you like! Although you book for a longer period of time, you do not need to sign a lease. Therefore, you do not tie yourself to long rental periods and have a notice period of only two weeks. Felxibler is hardly. If you are looking for apartments in Berlin, because it is easier to coordinate the search for a house or flat as a permanent home, you can store your furniture and household goods in the Lager7 Selfstorage next door. If you need something spontaneously, you can pick up or drop things easily and quickly. They can order the transport directly from us if they move. You can even get a mailbox with us. You can get more information from us at the hostel or at camp7. Especially interesting are the temporary rooms for a stay in Berlin because of a project work, for training, for troops on assembly work and for all, who need for a longer time an accommodation in Berlin. The rooms are inexpensive, modern and newly equipped, quickly available and are suitable for many different requirements: For the holidays as a place to sleep, for the overnight stay when passing through, for families during the holidays or as a group accommodation for school trips, travel groups or company holidays.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)