No other metropolis in the world offers its visitors such a varied program for an exciting holiday. Berlin is one of the hippest cities to be visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

Berlin close up
You can rent cheap apartments and be very close to the unique Berlin lifestyle. The cozy apartments show you the life of the capital from a perspective you would not otherwise notice in the expensive hotels outside the city.
If you want to experience Berlin from a completely new side, you will find direct access to a Berlin through the apartments, as the Berliners experienced and lived on the spot.
So you can experience the capital once up close and also meet new cool people. Maybe this results in a friendship for life.
The apartments are often in the middle of the hottest city centers and the coolest areas, so you’re in the middle of it all. Experience the coolest cafes in Prenzlau, enjoy the eclectic art scene in Kreuzberg and the international flair in Berlin Mitte.
Get to know the city from a new perspective and experience with real Berliners the secret insider tips that you will not find elsewhere in travel plans.

Completely free in the design of your time
In a cheap apartment you are completely free on your schedule. You do not have to check in or have breakfast like in a hotel, but you can divide your precious time in the capital at will. Enjoy the special atmosphere of comfortable accommodation and do not let other tourists disturb you.
Here you can have pizza delivered or self-catering in the communal kitchen. Or enjoy the multicultural delicacies from the diverse international cuisine of the German capital.
In a free apartment, unlike a hotel, you not only save a lot of money, but you can also trade completely freely and must adhere to firm hotel rules. Feel at home in your cozy and affordable accommodation and enjoy an exciting time in the capital with an international flair.

Berlin is always worth a visit, if you use a cheap apartment, you can visit the metropolis more often and save money.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)