Apartment Berlin

Apartment Berlin

If you are looking for an apartment in Berlin and it should be in a good location, then you can not avoid the very good offer from Ootel.co. The offer of Ootel.co can not only convince with the price, but also in other points, such as the equipment and the service.

The apartment Berlin from Ootel.co

When it comes to an apartment, so you can choose here in Berlin between many offers. If one decides here for the offer of the Ootel.co, then one can choose here between different variants. So there is an apartment here both in the version as a single room, but also as a double room if you travel as a couple to Berlin and finally also as a family room. The family room offers enough space at Ootel.co, so that accommodation with several children is also possible. The rooms, whether single rooms or family rooms, always have their own bathroom. And the bathrooms offer not only a toilet, but also a bathtub, where you can relax in peace. The use of an apartment from Ootel.co is possible not only for short-term accommodation, but also for a longer period. Here you can easily choose the duration of accommodation when booking on the website of Ootel.co.

The service that Ootel.co offers

For the Ootel.co speaks with an apartment Berlin but not only their equipment, but generally the service. This service includes a reception desk, which is available around the clock for guests with questions. The staff at the Ootel.co are multilingual, so the Ootel.co is also well suited for guests from other countries. In the lobby of Ootel.co there is a bar, which offers snacks and drinks, where you can linger. For example, in conversation with other guests, but also if you want to listen to live music from the piano or watch TV on the big TV in the bar. The Ootel.co also has a large outdoor area in the form of a garden. This has a size of 2000 m² and offers space for a beer garden in the summer and also has a barbecue area. Just because of these facilities, one can not get bored at Ootel.co during the stay.

Parking, public transport and more at Ootel.co

Not unimportant in the selection of an apartment Berlin, always the right location. Just depending on where you want to go, you usually do not want to drive long here. And especially here is good central location of Ootel.co an advantage. The Ootel.co offers their guests free parking, but also a bike rental. Especially if you want to be here by bike in Berlin on the road. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of public transport. Here you can access two public transport at the Ootel.co. On the one hand, the Ootel.co is the S-Bahn station Springfuhl, with the S-Bahn lines you can quickly go to the city center. Alternatively, there is a bus stop, with also different lines to which one has access.