Whether for professional reasons or because of love, if the way leads to the federal capital so you need for it also an apartment Berlin. But you need an apartment only for a short stay, so the Ootel.co is very good for this. And such an apartment is available in different sizes, between which you can choose.

Apartment Berlin from Ootel.co for the stay

Whether for a short or for a long stay, whether alone, in pairs or as a family, at the Ootel.co you can find the right offer for this. This offer includes, depending on your wishes, the double room for up to two people, the single room or even the family room. The family room is equipped not only with a large bed, but also with beds for children and teenagers. The rooms have a bathroom and are fully equipped. To this equipment belongs here then also fresh bedlinen and a towel, which one needs during its stay in the Ootel.co.

Even a longer stay is no problem at Ootel.co.

As already mentioned, the offer of Ootel.co is not only for short-term stays. Even if you are looking for longer, for example, several months due to training, study or for professional reasons an apartment Berlin, the Ootel.co offers itself well here. Ootel.co can convince not only with its rooms, but generally with the service. For check-in and check-out, but also for questions and problems, a round-the-clock reception is available. The reception has another advantage: the employees are multilingual. This is an advantage especially for guests from abroad staying at Ootel.co. If one is in the Ootel.co and not just in the city on the way, one can spend his spare time also well in the Ootel.co. Whether the exchange with other guests in the lobby, there is also still a bar, a beer garden, a market as well as also a barbecue area, which one can use here as a guest.

The Ootel.co and the good transport connections

If it is important where the apartment is located, then a good transport connection usually plays a major role. Here, the Ootel.co has the advantage that it is located close to the center of Berlin and is also very easy to reach by public transport. You can choose between different bus and train lines. In a few minutes, you are already in the middle of downtown Berlin.

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