Accommodation Berlin at Alboinstr.

Accommodation Berlin at Alboinstr.

You want to go on vacation in Berlin and are looking for a place where they have it not far to walk to numerous attractions, shopping, culture and much more? Then you should when it comes to accommodation Berlin you are looking for on, a platform that has plenty of accommodation to offer in the German capital. One district that should be of particular focus to you is Berlin-Tempelhof. This is a district in the seventh district of Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg. You know the name of this Berlin district certainly by the fact that the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof is located here. Located in the south of Berlin, the district borders Schöneberg to the west, Mariendorf to the south, Britz to the southeast, Steglitz to the southwest, Kreuzberg to the north and Neukölln to the east. Even if the district seems to be somewhat outside, Berlin-Tempelhof is very well connected to the public transport of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn of Berlin.


Accommodation Berlin can be found everywhere in this district of the federal capital, including Alboinstr. and adjacent streets. Berlin-Tempelhof is as far as the building development is concerned mainly characterized by a mixture of single-family house settlements and apartment house settlements. In addition, there are also industrial areas and green spaces in the form of deciduous colonies and parks. The typical industrial streets of this district are Gottlieb-Dunkel-Strasse and Teilestrasse, which are located along the Teltow Canal and the Neukölln-Mittenwalde Railroad. Typical housing estates are the Bärensiedlung with its 900 apartments.

A special street in Tempelhof

Meanwhile, Alboinstr., where accommodation Berlin can also be found on, is a busy residential and commercial street. Characteristic of this street is the cobblestone Alboinplatz, which is divided into two areas. The street thereby borders the Schöneberg industrial area located to the west of this street. Among other things, the street contains the former Schwarzkopf factory, which is a listed building. The most conspicuous building, however, is the TÜV Rheinland, which has one of several Berlin branches here. Also conspicuous on this street is the Alboin-Kontor, a former warehouse. A connection to the Berlin streetcar has the street already since 1964, unfortunately, no longer.

Alboin, King of the Longobards

Name giver for this street was Alboin, the king of the Langobards. This lived from 526 to 572 or 573. Exact records about it do not exist. The king of the Lombards from the house of Gausen died in Verona and was the founder of the Lombard Empire in Italy. Why this street was named after this king, however, is unclear. There is no connection to Berlin, but there is to the Elbe. For the Lombards originated in the areas of the lower Elbe and are considered a subtribe of the Germanic Suebi.

Alboin Square

The central point of this street is the Alboin Square. This is an oval square, located in the course of Alboinstr., and directly on the border of the two districts of Tempelhof and Schöneberg. But only the eastern development of the square still belongs to Tempelhof. The image of the square is characterized by the natural monument Blanke Helle, a lake. Another landmark of the square, a striking sculpture of an aurochs or bull, stands on the southern slope of the lake depression.

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