Accommodation Berlin

Accommodation Berlin

The city is not only the capital, but also one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany, if not all of Europe. No other place has as much history and culture to offer as the melting pot on the former wall. People from all over the world give the city a cosmopolitan touch. It is by far not the most expensive city in Germany. Their multicultural character makes them attractive for artists, creatives and people who would like to live differently. The capital is not lacking in class. Your museums, opera houses or theaters are among the most prestigious in Europe.


The celebrating city

It seems that every occasion to celebrate is welcome in Berlin. In addition to the numerous anniversary celebrations that a city with such a long history and monuments automatically brings with it, there are festivals, concerts, sporting events and trade fairs that fill the Spree metropolis with visitors again and again. In addition to accommodation, it is therefore advisable to look out for exciting events.

The agony of choice

In addition to its colorful and exciting cityscape, Berlin is also something big! The many districts are as different as their residents. In addition, the individual districts are constantly changing. This was how Kreuzberg was still shouted out until the late 1990s. Today, on the other hand, it is one of the trendiest and even the most expensive places in Berlin.

Hotels with a seal of approval

The choice of accommodation in Berlin can seem almost unmanageable to strangers. In addition to the large hotel chains, Berlin is characterized by a huge range of independent hotels. These are often family-owned and, unlike the big names, offer personality and an insight into the culture of the capital. Unfortunately, photographs can be deceptive and the traveler does not know what to expect until they arrive. This is exactly where the new hotel networks come in. You rate hotels, put them under your banner and thus guarantee the desired quality standard. is one of these providers. The company has a wide range that is attractive for both young students and discerning visitors. The locations are all centrally located and offer good connections to the public transport network. In addition, the hotels, which are in great demand in Berlin, offer parking.

With the “public transport” from A to B<h/3>

In Berlin, many of the residents have no car or use it only rarely. With the subway or S-Bahn you are usually faster and easier to reach your destination. In addition, the connection is so good that it is possible to reach it entirely by public transport. It rightly bears the nickname “The city that never sleeps”. Buses and trains also run almost all night. A day ticket is affordable and can be used in all districts. This gives visitors flexibility to be drawn in by the pull of the city and to let themselves drift with delight.

A little guide

It is very green in and around the zoo. Yet they are in the heart, or rather the green lung of the city. The area is quiet and has ideal connections to many of the sights – Tegel:
If you only stay in Berlin for a short time and are looking for proximity to the airport or exhibition center, you can find cheap accommodation here. Business travelers in particular appreciate this.


Everything about Alexanderplatz falls roughly in the middle. Here are many of the popular shopping, dining, and nightlife.
Steglitz / Zehlendorf / Kurfürstendamm:
Similar to the zoo, these areas offer plenty of green spaces, lakes and riverside for walking. Many of the foreign embassies and old town villas are also located here. Nevertheless, the connection to Kurfürstendamm is very good. This makes them one of the city’s main arteries in no time.
Kreuzberg / Neukölln: These are the two hipster quarters. Even if there is still some cleaning up in some parts, it is also here where the trends of the city show up first. In addition to the kebab shop, visitors will also find a star restaurant. There are also plenty of small boutiques, second-hand shops and trendy bars.

– Friedrichshain:

Cultures and the Berlin night scene mix here, but also flea markets and a lot of history can be found here.

– Prenzlauer Berg:

This part is ideal for families. Nowhere in the city is the density of children’s shops and playgrounds as high as here.