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Ootel.co offers affordable accommodation options in Berlin. Discover budget-friendly hotel and hostel choices for your stay. Comfortable and affordable – experience Berlin without straining your budget.

Budget Hotel Hostel in Berlin

Hotel Hostel in Berlin – Ootel.co

Berlin, a city full of history and culture, attracts visitors from around the world. When choosing accommodation, Ootel.co is the perfect choice. With affordable prices, comfortable accommodations, and a focus on local experiences, Ootel.co provides a unique option for travelers. Discover why Ootel.co is more than just a hotel or hostel – it’s a home away from home.

Hostel in Berlin

The Ootel.co Hostel in Berlin offers affordable accommodation with convenient transportation connections and shopping opportunities. Enjoy affordable comfort and a convenient location for your explorations in the city.


Group Hostel in Berlin: cheap, central, shopping available.

Double Bed Room from 39 €

4 Bed Room from 49 €

Double Bed Room – separable from 39 €

6 Bed Room from 59 €

Family room from 49 €

8 Bed Room from 69€